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Why consult an Astrologer-Purpose of Astrological Consultation

Why consult an Astrologer-Purpose of Astrological Consultation

Astrology is a holistic and mystic science of connection and influence of planets on human beings and their surroundings. It connects the cosmic energy to the earthy beings and explains the effect of transit of planets on human life, more specifically, on each individual separately.

We can experience a few of below mentioned phenomenons due to the movement of planet Sun

  •  We feel hot in summers and cold in winters because of the transit of Sun.
  • We experience the effect of day and night on our body clock.
  • We also experience the change in weather

Similarly other planets also affect the human life. The nine planets namely Sun, Moon, Mars, jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and the two nodes Rahu (Dragon's head) and Ketu (Dragon's tail) contribute to a Human Life Cycle. 

A complete information about an individual can be read by an Astrologer and can be covered for the life time.

 It is through Astrology that we can know all about an individual,

  • his personality, good and bad traits and habits
  • his level of success/ failure in life,
  • timing of certain important events in his life,
  • quality of life in terms of relations, relatioships
  • studies, field of study, success level in study, break in study
  • career graph, job, business, change in job, change in vocation
  • marriage, marital bliss, multiple marriage, relationships
  • family life, togetherness with spouse, number of children, delay in having children, miscarriages
  • travel in country and abroad
  • bliss and assets,  
  • diseases, medical history, diagnosis of diseases etc.
  • spiritual progress

 Hence, multiple purposes may be accomplished by astrological consultation. Such as:

  • insight into self and future-to know about self
  • Guidance in terms of important decision makings in different areas of life such academics, job and work, marriage etc.
  • prediction of life events with timing of events
  • prevention of hurdles, obstacles, hindrance
  • astrological remedies
  • Muhurtha or auspicious timings to initiate or celebrate an occasion

You may consult an Expert Astrologer to gain information in any of the above regard.

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