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Relationship problems with Superiors /Boss at work

Relief from a Bully Big Boss Factor

Yesterday one of my regular overseas clients booked a telephonic appointment and requested for an emergency telephonic consultation. While I scanned his horoscope, talking to him over phone, he disclosed that as predicted by me in the last call, his Boss has turned totally anti towards him over some important issue which can spoil the results of his entire year’s hard work. His Bosses rage and ego will stop all the increments and Bonus due for him over the period of time.

He was quite depressed and stressed as his commissions were likely to be passed on to his Boss without any of his share or even the credit of hard work will not come to him.

Since I had forewarned him, he connected to me immediately as this happened and had a hope that I will be able to help him in this regard, which I DID!

His yearly forecast (Varshphal Chart made on the Birthday every year), reflected

  1. loss of money and honor due to second house affliction
  2. fifth house lord was weak and combust which led to loss of honor and also increased stress
  3. Ninth house afflictions which relate to Superiors in job led to conflict with the Boss.


  • I prescribed donation, gems and gemstones, mantra therapy, abstinence, color therapy and nutrition therapy
  • donation of food articles for second house afflictions which would release the money due for his efforts and hard work.
  • couriered an Amoebic pearl set in silver to him to get relief from stress and save his honor as his fifth house lord MOON was very weak
  • Also couriered an Orange Moonga set in Ashtadhatu to strengthen his ninth house to gain favor from his boss
  • Suggested to read Sankat Mochan and Hanuman Ashtak daily
  • Also advised abstinence from certain food articles
  • Offer water to the rising Sun
  • Eat Oranges and drink fruit juices

He followed all my advice religiously and reverted to me over telephonic appointment after fifteen days informing that the Tyrant boss was suddenly transferred to another place.

But before moving his attitude changed and he forwarded the Reports all in his favor so that his Bonus , Increments and Commissions which was a handsome amount was all granted to him.!!!

He could benefit sitting miles away across oceans with an hour’s telephonic consultation.

He was Thankful and also relieved!!!

Are you also suffering from a authoritarian, egotistic Boss?

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Dr. Priti Kapoor

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