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Preventive & Remedial Measures

We all are well versed with the saying that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. Preventive Measures suggested by an Astrologer also, serves the same purpose.

An efficient Astrologer forewarns the individual about the onset of any Calamity or Hardships and reduces the mental and Physical Stress by making the individual perform Preventive Measures in terms of Donation (daan), Prayers (Recitation of Mantras), wearing gems etc. which  helps his client to forego the hardships.

But, can performing Preventive Measures, completely remove the Calamity or wash away the hardships from one's life.

The answer is ‘No’ but it can certainly reduce the ill-effect.

The Karmic Theory -It is believed that Man has to bear the fruits of his Karmas. The punishment, however, can be reduced or the rewards can be multiplied by practicing the right Karmas or Actions, but nothing can be added or subtracted from one’s Destiny.

An efficient Astrologer forecasts the 'Rainfall' (danger or calamity) in one's life and equips them with an Umbrella or Macintosh (Preventive Guidance).

If it is to rain cat's & dogs, warns them to remain inside and thus PREVENTS them from getting soaked or if at all one has to go out they experience only the splashes or sprinkles. Remember, The Astrologer can not stop the rains to come.

Remedial Measures on the other hand are done after one realizes that it is 'the hard time' and then approaches the Astrologer. The Astrologer then guides them in terms of Donation, prayers, Gem therapy and through other Alternate Therapies to overcome the hardships.

Logic of Various Remedial Measures/ Frequently asked questions:

Why should one donate certain articles on specific days?

if an individual is indebted to a planet , it takes away the riches or comforts under it's domain from that person whenever it's Major Time period (Mahadasha) runs in one's life. For example, malefic Sun in one's Birth Chart with respect to house of marriage can give separation from the Husband. Donating the articles related to the planet Sun as Copper, Wheat, red Flower etc., on a Sunday might give reunion or bliss of marriage because after donation The Planet Sun accepts the apologies and releases you from it's Debt.

Why should one abstain?

Suppose an individual is suffering due to Rahu's (Dragon's Head) afflictions in his Birth chart, he could be advised to abstain from Liquor, Non-Vegetarian Food, gambling. These articles come under the domain of Rahu and consuming them can increase the debt of Rahu on the individual. Instead, he should donate the articles of Rahu as Black Urad, black sesame seeds (til) etc, along with abstaining.

How does wearing Gems Help an Individual?

Precious and semi Precious Stones or Gems are prescribed by an Astrologer and Astro-Numerologist to cure the deficiency of colors reflecting in the Birth Chart of an individual, in other words to provide Color Therapy.

It is same as wearing specks or eye glasses, which help a person to read and see with weak eyes.

All gems can be worn around the neck or in the fingers on the respective mounts.

What is the role of prayers in one's life?

Can recitation of mantras provide Cure?

Prayers work as shield and protect the person from sudden dangers and disasters. It strengthens one's personality and also cure diseases and even resolve relationship and adjustment problems. One should recite the right prayers at the right time. Wrong prayers can also act negatively as intake of wrong medicines.

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