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Alternate Therapy

Alternative Therapy deals with various unconventional healing methods. It involves many different other ways of treatment other than Conventional Medicine such as healing through Colors, Gems & Rudraksh or by reciting Mantras and Prayers.

Seven colors of rainbow in the spectrum along with ultra violet and infra red rays contribute to the existence of life on this earth. Nature reflects these colors in multiple forms as sky blue, green meadows and trees, bright yellow sunshine… Fruits, flora and Fauna can also be noticed with there respective colors.
These colors exist in nature and Life on Earth can continue only with the usage and absorption of these colors. When it is dark at night it becomes essential to illuminate in order to be functional. The Astrologer suggests these Debts in one's chart and also guides for the remedies to be performed.

Human Body, Plants and Animals survive and remain healthy when these colors contribute positively to create balance in their system. Any unbalance leads to deficiency or excess color in the system which creates diseases and asks for healing. Balancing the colors revives good health. A Color Therapist can diagnose the imbalance of colors and suggest right and wrong colors and shades for the patient and heal unconventionally.

Gems also contribute to the Color therapy as they are colored. Gems are also used with respect to ones horoscope and are related to the nine planets. Wearing the accurate gem stone, with required weight and on the correct mount in the fingers, neck or wrist generates instant healing. Gem Therapy involves healing through Gems.

Rudraksh also heal miraculously when worn in right combination.
Rudraksh Therapy contributes towards healing the repercussions of your past life Karmas because of which one might be suffering in terms of health, wealth, happiness, success or any other walk of life.

Spiritual Healing calls for recitation of prayers and Mantras, Dhyan or Meditation and Kriya Yoga. The vibration of the Mantras result in healing the entire aura of the individual which subtracts and repels negative energy and attracts and adds positive energy which revives the ailing cells in the Body and trigger healing holistically.

So, these Alternative methods contribute towards Holistic Healing, i.e., Healing Mind Body and Soul

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