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Gem Therapy

Gems provide color therapy as well as mineral therapy to an individual.

We all know that the color in a gem imbibes naturally because of its chemical combination. In Astrology, these minerals and colors are related to the planets to provide effective remedies. For Example,

Ruby, worn to strengthen the Planet Sun, gets its color from the mineral Chrome in it. It is included in the family of CORRUNDUM. It fills in the deficiency of Calcium in the body. Garnet and Red Tourmaline are also recommended to aid the functioning of Planet Sun.

The Sapphires also belong to the same family of CORRUNDUM. They occur in many different colors, such as blue, clear pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and black. Sapphire is an Aluminum-Oxide. Blue Sapphire gets its coloring from Iron and Titanium. The other colors are due to varying amounts of these minerals as well as Chrome and Vanadium.

Yellow Sapphire, being related to Planet Jupiter helps in controlling the Malfunctioning of Liver. The Sapphire enhances the decision making ability of a person and his wits too. Topaz is also recommended as a substitute for Yellow Sapphire though the degree of functioning differs for each of them.

Blue Sapphire often helps in curing Nerve related problems or the Nervous System. It uplifts the status of an individual and also gives riches, name and fame.

PEARL, worn to help the planet Moon, is organic in origin so they are not classified as minerals. They are formed by two species of Shell-fish called shell mollusks and shell oysters. Pearls are found in many colors such as White, Pink, Blue, Green, Silver, Cream. Pearls fill in the deficiency of Phosphorous in the body, the deficiency of which creates Mental Problems like Fears and Phobias. In Bio-Chemic Medicine, Five- Phos is often prescribed as a Nerve Tonic to prevent Mental Stress.

Moon Stone also helps in correcting the functioning of Moon in the Birth Chart. It also relates to Planet Jupiter.

Diamond is pure Carbon. It reflects Indigo color of the VIBGYOR Spectrum and is worn for the Planet Venus. Diamond has a high ability to Refract and disperse Light into its component colors. .This property of diamond is enhanced after cutting and polishing. Opal and Zircon are some other stones which accelerate the functioning of Venus. Opal also relates to Neptune.

Coral, helps in controlling diseases related with Blood such as Blood-pressure, Piles etc. It is related to Planet Mars. It is also an organic gem, consisting of calcified skeletons of coral polyps. The chemical composition of Coral is Calcium Carbonate with Magnesium Carbonate and traces of organic substances. Apart from Red or Orange color, it is found in White color also.

EMERALD is a brilliant Green member of the Beryl family and is related to Planet Mercury. It is a beryllium aluminium silicate that gets its green color from the trace mineral chromium. It often helps in scholastic achievements and increasing concentration. It also contributes to Memorizing Skills as Mercury is a planet which relates to Intelligence.

Some other semi-precious stones which are prescribed to aid the functioning of Mercury in the Birth-Chart are Aquamarine, Peridot, Green Tourmaline.

Cats Eye and Tigers Eye are prescribed to remove the malaficance of Planet Ketu (Dragons Tail).

Gomed or Hassonite helps when Rahu (Dragons Head) creates health problems for an individual.

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