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Colour Therapy

The Colors and Quality of Human Life

Colors play a vital role in Human Existence and survival. The visible spectrum in the rainbow VIBGYOR, the ultra-violet and Infra-red rays (9 colors) together contribute for the wellness of all living beings, including Human beings.

Man as a species also needs all nine colors in definite ratio and proportion for a healthy and happy life. Deficiency of any color can create health problems and even prove to be fatal. Excess of colors can also harm or disturb the normal functioning by creating difference in nature, relationships, curtailing success etc.

The maintenance of these nine colors in Human aura to balance and create equilibrium is termed as Color Therapy.

Basis of Color Guidance

There are two ways of providing color guidance.

One is by studying the Birth Chart (Astrology, MODEL CTA) and the second is through the Date of Birth on the basis of Radical Number and Lucky Number and Name number (Numerology, MODEL CTN1).

A close perusal of the Birth chart clearly reveals the deficient or the excess colors in the Birth chart. It is portrayed in the individuals nature, personality, relationship, likes and dislikes and almost all spheres of life.

For example, if Moon in the Birth chart is weak or afflicted in some way, the person will like orange color, his mother will be suffering mentally or he himself might be prone to brooding or depression. Introducing Orange color can help in recovery.

How much color should be introduced and for how long, differs from one chart to the other.

Colors/ Planets/Week Days

Each of the nine colors corresponds to the Nine Planets in the Birth Chart.

The days of the week are also named after the ruling planet of the day, For example Moon rules on Monday, so Orange color on Monday will bestow best results.

If Moon controls the Tenth house (Profession) and is weak or afflicted, an individual will not succeed till he balances the color of Moon in his life.

A student with weak Mercury as a Fifth Lord can lack in Concentration. As a third Lord, can defy him of writing in the exams or he might just avoid writing. Filling in Green color by various methods will miraculously bless the individual with more concentration and also writing skills.

Moreover, if Mercury is a malefic planet and one wears or uses Green in abundance, he will meet with constant failures may it be education, exams or even married life. Wearing Green at the time of meetings for Matrimony can settle Wrong alliances, with a malefic Mercury in the Birth Chart.

So Color Therapy can do wonders with respect to diseases, relationships, success in examination, interviews, admissions, almost all spheres of life.

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