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Numerology is the scientific analysis of effect of numbers and its permutation and combination on Human Life Cycle. Numbers like Planets have Vibrations (Pythogorous). Thus, the combined study based on the interrelationship of the Planets and the Numbers is termed as Astro-Numerology. It is guided by

Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy) as its basic data.

Numbers & Planets

We are all aware that there are Nine Planets and only nine unit numbers.

The numbers from One to Nine correspond with the Nine Planets, for example, Number one is for Sun , six for Venus, nine for Mars and so on. Thus, an individual ruled by number One as his Date of Birth will tend to have characteristics of Sun, by six will be a Venusian and Number Nine will contribute towards Martian traits.

The planets rule the Directions also so the individual ruled by number one (Sun) will be more successful in the Eastern direction and by Nine (Mars) in the South direction.

The Planets amongst themselves have friendly, inimical and neutral relationships. This relationship criterion is extended to suggest Lucky, Unlucky and Neutral Numbers of an Individual.

Two numbers, derived from the Date of Birth basically rule a person, the Radical number and the Lucky Number. These Two are the keys to interpretation, analysis and guidance in Astro-Numerology.

Numbers & Alphabets

The Alphabets from A to Z have also been discovered to have vibrations corresponding with numbers. For example Letter A vibrates with one (thus also corresponds with Sun), Letter B vibrates with two (thus also corresponds with Moon) and so on.

Thus, adding and removing letters from the spelling of your name can change the Vibrations of Your Name.

NAME---Its Number & Spelling

Based on the above theory, the name spelling of an individual is translated into Numbers. It is then totaled to reach at a number which is termed as the NAME NUMBER. This is the Third Number which significantly effects the Life Happenings of an individual.

The Spell Check

This Third Number can be Controlled by adding or subtracting letters in the spelling of the Name and matched with the Radical and Lucky numbers to give the Maximum Benefic Effect in life.

The Compound Number Effect

The total of any Name number will mostly be a compound number such as Twenty- three (23). This will vibrate with Unit number Five but unit numbers Two and Three will also play a significant role in the events leading to success and failures in his life.

Thus, Spelling Check by an Astro-Numerologist also aims at correcting the Combination of the Compound Numbers which are the Fourth Set of Significant Numbers in an Individuals life.


Name SAROJ TIWARI DOB 12-08-1947

Her Radical number is 3, lucky number is 5, Name number is 2 which is derived by totaling the Compound Name Number which is 29 which further totals to 11. So, her life will be affected by three platens Moon (2), Mars(9) and Sun(1).

She will be an affectionate, sentimental and art loving person. There will be many ups and downs in her life. She may have a tendency to switchover to another work while keeping her existing project incomplete. On some occasions her efforts may falter. In her difficult days, she will have to maintain patience. Only then she can achieve success. By virtue of the Suns influence, she will be able to establish her identity as an ambitious and rising person. She will attain popularity, which will be permanent. In her field of work, your reputation will be stable.

Suggestions - 1 Your Name number SAROJ TIWARI keeps medium relations with your Radical number 3, but it has enmity with your Lucky Number 5. Under this circumstance you may not be able to reap full benefits from your Name number. The medium relations with Radical number will allow your name to be successful, while animosity with Lucky number will spell failure. It is therefore essential for you to change your name. 2 Please change your name in such a manner that many letters of the name are not altered while good rapport is established with your Radical and Lucky numbers.

Please select a name such that its Name number is 3 for compatibility with Radical and Lucky numbers. Such a compatible name will open the doors of progress and you will attain worldly success totally.

Suggested Name Spelling : Saaroj Tiwarri

Analysis The sum total of your name is 32. The addition of 3 and 2 makes your Name number 5. The lord of Name number 5 is Mercury, while for number 3 it is Jupiter and for 2 it is Moon. The merits and demerits of all these three planets will influence your life. The influence of Jupiter will spread your renown and will establish you in distant parts of society. You will be known as a scholar. By virtue of Moons influence, you will have good imagination and you will take more interest in desk jobs than in physical work. The Moons influence will keep your reputation fluctuating. The Mercury will bless you with good intelligence. You will be more inclined towards business activities. You will be popular in your work area. In social circles, you will be an intellectually oriented, realistic, and a materialist.

By this Name you will derive full benefits from all 3 important numbers, Radical, Name and Lucky numbers. Your name will be lucky for you and you will get good popularity in society. You will earn the goodwill of your colleagues and they will behave with you nicely. In the middle years of life you will begin to have acclaim, money and esteem. In the last years, your life will be honorable and your name will be immortalized. Your Name number 5 tallies completely with your Radical number 3 and Lucky number 5. Therefore your name will be lucky for you and there is no need to change it. Also, you have best combination of letters.

Name - Number-Success

So, we see that Name can also be translated in terms of Numbers and Change in the Name of the spelling can help in achieving success.

A name with good vibrations and numerically correct spelling is a door to success, name and fame.

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